Live happier and healthier through the JOY of movement with KMI!

Working to increase activity in schools and in the community by providing accessible, affordable, fun fitness, sports, and recreation opportunities for kids from age 2 to age 102!


Kids Moving Inc is all about bringing out the kid in all of us—and helping everyone to embrace JOY in life and in movement.


TANDY CAMPS: Recreation, Fitness, Sports & Nutrition in every session!


July 10-13th

July 17-20

July 24-27

$120 per camper per session. Discounts available for siblings and friends. Call for your quote and to reserve your space. Limited to first 20 campers: 559-577-2688


Kids Moving Incorporated (KMI) was established in 2011 to increase active movement and to combat obesity through PLAY (Purposeful Learning for Active Youth). At KMI we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to stay fit and healthy – and to have fun doing it! Our goal is to work with local schools in every community to put the FUN in fitness and the JOY in play – through before, during, and after-school programs that include walking programs, intramural and recreation sports leagues, and family fitnesscamps.

We all know that we should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day – no matter what our age, ethnicity, gender, economic level, or fitness level. In many communities there are more liquor stores than parks, health clubs are nowhere in sight, the streets are unsafe, and there are no structured programs. While we all keep hearing “60 minutes a day” an “let’s play!” from many organizations, few have the mission to provide the programs and training to actually make it happen.  Our goal is to partner with as many school districts as possible to provide the much needed resources (people and programs) for safe, effective, affordable solutions for increased and enjoyable movement opportunities.

BIG PICTURE: to bring the enthusiasm of the fitness industry, the PLAYful atmosphere of summer camp, and the educational emphasis of P.E., and bring it all together for improved opportunities for kids, families, and neighborhood friends to join in fitness and in health, in sunshine and rain, in laughter and love—to strengthen not only our bodies, but our relationships, our lives, our happiness, and our JOY.

Kids Moving Incorporated —

  • Building stronger, healthier, happier families!
  • Building friendships and fitness through laughter and PLAY!

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501(c)3 / EIN: 45-1267530

To help kids and families have more opportunities to play together, please donate. We greatly appreciate your help! You can enter any amount you choose, as a one-time donation, or as a monthly gift. Thank you!!

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